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Color Pie

$ 19.99 USD

This beautifully made wooden toy trains recognition and matching of colors and shapes.How many pieces fit in the Color Pie? This is a wonderful toy for developing early STEM skills, understanding fractions, and developing motor skills. Challenge your little one to re-create the pattern on one of the included templates, or let them play freely and experiment. Wooden segments can also be used to create patterns outside of the circle frame.

  • Set includes 27 wooden segments, 1 wooden frame, 5 templates and a set of instructions.
  • This arranging game includes many pieces, colors and difficulties to allow kids of all ages to enjoy while learning.
  • Double sided colored paper patterns are included to stimulate the child's creativity and help teach spacial connectivity & fractions.
  • Measures 7.87" in diameter and is recommended for children ages 2 and up.
  • A great way to learn about the hours in a day through play!