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Chico Chai

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A classic masala chai- Assam black tea and fresh spices. Especially delicious when boiled on the stovetop Blended in small batches, by hand in Chico, California. Only Organic Ingredients and Fair Trade Organic teas are used to make Chico Chai.

Instructions: Simmer Chico Chai in a pot on the stovetop for a rich, spicy "Chai latte" adding milk and sweetener of your choice. Or steep Chico Chai in a tea ball, french press or teapot for five minutes for a quick cup of spiced tea with a more mild flavor. (Complete instructions included on package)

Servings: Each 4oz tin makes approximately 38-48 servings, depending on brew method.

Ingredients: Fair trade organic assam tea, organic nutmeg, organic cinnamon, organic cardamom, organic ginger, organic pepper, organic orange peel, organic star anise, organic cloves.