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Best Bottom OS Cover

$ 18.95

How Does The Best Bottom System Work:

Simplify, simplify, simplify! Many may start researching cloth diapers, get overwhelmed and quit. Best Bottoms are a great solution! So easy to use yet comes with lots of options so you can get a customized system for your baby.

  1. Adjust front snaps to achieve the size needed.
  2. Snap insert into diaper.
  3. Put diaper on baby and go!
  4. When baby needs a diaper change snap out soiled insert and snap clean one in.
  5. Put diaper on baby and go AGAIN. The Best Bottom shell is wipe-able and can be used multiple times before washing but you may want to air dry between uses but it is not necessary.

Poo does stay on the insert most of the time, but, in some cases it may not (although, it will stay in the diaper cover avoiding an embarrassing mess!) There are three different size inserts in several different materials available. Newborns and toddlers are not the same size so in order for a one size insert to absorb enough for a toddler it will be HUGE on a newborn. You may not need all three sizes of inserts, but, ultimately it is all up to you.


The highest quality of materials available have been selected with as much of the raw materials made in the USA that could be found. The entire Shell is made with USA-made materials! ALL Best Bottom products are proudly handcrafted in the USA at local factories helping to support the local economy and reduce environmental impact. Best Bottom uses durable snaps and hook & loop, double layer of waterproof PUL creating a perfect no-leak sturdy shell with a wipe-able inside lasting for many washes.


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