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Toy Tester FAQ's

What do I get as a Toy Tester?
Your family will receive credits each month you account is active.  The number of credits depends on the level of play you have chosen. Your family can then use those credits to test fun new toys.  Every toy comes with a Fun Facts sheet, which includes a parts list, a toy bio and great ideas, based of our extensive knowledge in Child Development, to help enhance and extend your family's ability to learn as you play.  Each toy needs 1-4 credits to test.  You can test the toys for up to 30 days, return them when you are done, and check out another fun toy.

What does it cost to become a Toy Tester Family?
We currently offer two levels, the Peck of Play, which is $20 a month for 4 credits, and the Bushel of Fun, which is $40 a month for 9 credits.  We offer discounts when you pay for 3, 6 and 12 months at a time, which makes the fun even more affordable.

What happens if my child loves the toy and wants to keep it, or if we lose or break it?
Each Fun Facts sheet, included with every toy you test has a clearly marked Love it or Lose it Price.  This is a discounted price offered only to our toy testers. If your family just can’t let a toy go, or if it is no longer fit for another family when you are done with it, simply pay the discounted price and move on to the next fun toy.  

How many toys can we test at once?
You can use your credits however works best for your family.  Some families may prefer to make it a routine, every Monday you check out a new toy.  Others may prefer to follow their child’s lead and check out and return toys as their child loses interest.  Others may benefit from using all their credits at once (weekend at Grandma’s anyone?). How many you may check out depends on your Play Level.  Peck of Play testers may use up to 4 credits at a time. Bushel of Fun testers may check out up to 9 credits worth at a time.

How do I cancel?
We hope you will continue on as a toy tester for a long time.  In the event you need to stop though, you can simply cancel on the web, or ask one of our staffers to help you do it.  All toys must be returned before we can cancel your account. Also please note that cancelling will also cancel any credits you have remaining.
Still have questions?  Drop us a Line.