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Store Credit/Consigment

We take the health and safety of our community very seriously. We also know that the need affordable items has become even more important than normal for many of our families. After some thinking, some reading, some more thinking, some sleep, some caffeine and some more thinking, we have come up with a way to continue to offer the money saving resale items your family needs, while still protecting the vulnerable members of our community. 

Although things may change, as of now, we are accepting items. 

The process is a little strange, but we feel it will be the best way to continue to serve the community.

1. Bring 1 fully sealed tub of Hot List items. (We have a limited supply of tubs if you need to use one.)

2. The tub will be bleached down and labeled with your name and phone number.

3. The tub will sit untouched for 4 days in order to ensure everyone's safety.

4. After 4 days I will look at your items.  I can Venmo or PayPal your payment, or have a check ready for curbside pick up. Any non accepted items may be returned to you or donated, whichever is better for you.

Thank you all

Items I am paying cash for at this time.

  • Summer clothing in size 6 month to size 12. 
  • Soft baby shoes, like Robeez.
  • Summer shoes in sizes 5 -1 child.
  • Bumbos, Walkers, Exersaucers, Swing, Pack and Play, etc. . . 

Items I am offering Resale Credit for at this time. 

  • Winter Items